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Kevin Wilson speaks on being fired from Indiana Hoosiers for first time

2017 has to feel a little strange for Kevin Wilson. After all, he went from Indiana Hoosiers head coach to co-offensive coordinator at Ohio State. Same conference, same division, just a different color scheme.

However, up until this weekend, Wilson has stayed silent on his “resignation” from the Hoosiers head coaching position. Wilson finally opened up a bit following one of Ohio State’s spring practices.

After avoiding the questions about IU, Wilson finally cracked when asked about the treatment of players and rumors of what went on at Indiana.

“We wouldn’t be here doing this job if those things were true,” Wilson said, via “Anyone can have an opinion. I know the department looked at everything. I know this school’s looked at everything. I know we’re very comfortable with what we’re doing, where we’re at, and we’re excited moving forward.”

Ohio State certainly seemed comfortable, vetting Wilson and his background hard before making him the co-offensive coordinator in January.

It was a good six-year run in Bloomington for Wilson, who went 26-47 overall but led the team to back-to-back bowl berths the last two seasons.

One of the biggest questions surrounding Wilson’s firing was the rumor of intimidation of athletic trainers. Wilson was rather emphatic in his response to a question about that very topic.

“Those guys handled all the decisions. I used to get ridiculed when Tevin Coleman would come out of a game. Those guys ran the ship. They did a great job. You take a losing program and have that kind of success, that’s a great commitment from a lot of people. Those guys were awesome.”

Wilson also pointed out that his relationship with most players at IU was a good one. Any questions about that were put to rest with a story about one of his ex-players from Indiana.

“I got a message from (an IU) kid the other night who was going through a situation, just said, ‘Hey, I appreciate everything you did. You made me tough as nails, and I love you,’” Wilson said.

Indiana may not have been comfortable enough to move on with Wilson, but it certainly seems as if Ohio State is more than comfortable having him lead the offense this season.

Now that the questions have largely been answered, perhaps the media in Columbus can get on to the task of asking questions about the actual 2017 Buckeyes football team.

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